Montachusett Home Care Corp., a full social service agency serving the elderly and the disabled, has an opening for a full-time Options Counselor!

Position Summary: The Options Counselor is assigned to work with consumers to provide information about the range of community and institutional resources available and ensure that the individual and/or family understands the options, can make an informed choice and determine the next steps to take.

Role and Responsibilities: 

1.       Provide the consumers with the following:

  • unbiased information about long term support services;
  • information about resources to pay for services;
  • a person-centered approach that ensures the consumer’s goals and their preferences are honored;
  • options counseling in a timely and appropriate manner based on the consumer’s situation and/or disability;
  • identification of next steps to enable a consumer’s goals to be met;
  • assistance in facilitating referrals and resources as needed; and
  • 30 day follow up contact to determine the outcome of the case.

2.       Coordinate activities with other Options Counselors stationed at Central Mass Aging and Disabilities Resource Consortium (ADRC) member agencies under the direction of the ADRC Coordinator.

3.       Coordinate activities with other trained agency staff including but not limited to: I&R staff, Case Managers, Skills Trainers and Nurses.

4.       Document activities regarding counseling sessions as prescribed by Elder Affairs (EOEA), Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), and the Central Mass ADRC and submit monthly reports to EOEA and MRC.

5.       Assist with data collection for the purpose of reporting LTC Options Counseling activity.

6.       Complete all documentation required for measuring quality and outcomes.

7.       Develop marketing materials and establish and conduct outreach activities to educate the community, which includes specific hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing facilities, community agencies and other providers to heighten awareness of the program and generate referrals.  Collaboration and coordination with area senior housing professionals to increase visibility and access to seniors or persons with disabilities is a major objective.

8.       Participate in activities to assist and promote the Central Mass ADRC in gaining visibility and trust with community agencies, providers and the public.

9.       Follow the principles of consumer directed care.

10.    Participate in training and orientation sessions as assigned.

11.    Complete other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree in social work or a related field and two years’ experience in casework, or related activity.  Experience in the delivery of services to the elderly and disabled population is preferred. Social work licensure is preferred

A valid driver’s license and a legally insured and registered motor vehicle are required.

Please send resume to

MHCC offers a family friendly work environment. Older workers, minorities, and Spanish speaking individuals are encouraged to apply.  AA/EOE