Volunteer Testimonials

Real testimonials from Montachusett Home Care volunteers.


Like so many of the elders Montachusett Home Care Corporation (MHCC) serves, Marilyn A. led an active, productive life for most of her 60 plus years. She felt good about what she did running a matching gift program at work, enjoying her love of photography and turning... read more

Help for caregivers

HOME CARE HELPS AN ELDER AND HER CAREGIVER   When Shizuko C began receiving services from Montachusett Home Care Corporation (MHCC) in January of 2014, she had been hospitalized three times within the past month and had been to the emergency room on several other... read more

Advice From an Experienced Caregiver

Advice From an Experienced Caregiver After many years of caring for her mom and her dad who both had dementia and eventually died, Elaine found herself in the role of caregiver again. But this time it was for her husband Hank. In June 2009, Elaine Gendron attended her... read more

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