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Advice From an Experienced Caregiver

After many years of caring for her mom and her dad who both had dementia and eventually died, Elaine found herself in the role of caregiver again. But this time it was for her husband Hank.

In June 2009, Elaine Gendron attended her first Family Caregiver Support Meeting at MHCC and found others who were in similar situations. She was surprised to discover she was not the only one going through the challenging emotional ups and downs experienced by most caregivers. Through the support group Elaine was able to make new friends, get useful hints from other caregivers, and give back to others by offering them the important tips she learned during her long care giving journey.

Elaine tells other caregivers not to feel guilty about their emotions and to learn to ask for help from others when they really need it. Elaine often takes her own advice and calls on her son Rick to give her a break from her day-to-day caregiver role. Most importantly, both Elaine and Rick agree how important it is to always keep your sense of humor.