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When Shizuko C began receiving services from Montachusett Home Care Corporation (MHCC) in January of 2014, she had been hospitalized three times within the past month and had been to the emergency room on several other occasions. Her daughter, Judy, was working a full-time job, maintaining her own apartment, and spending all of her free time caring for her mother. Needless to say, Judy was under a lot of stress. Due to significant ailments, Mrs. C was confined to a wheelchair and required assistance with most aspects of daily life. Committed to seeing her mother remain at home for as long as possible, Judy reached out to MHCC seeking help.


With guidance from her case manager at MHCC, Mrs. C began receiving assistance from a home health aide, who was able to provide needed care while her daughter could go to work and run errands. Mrs. C’s home health aide assists her with meal preparation, housework, and personal care. With the relief provided by the home health aide, Judy was able to have time to her-self, while still helping her mother with laundry, transportation, shopping and managing her complex medication regime


As time progressed, Mrs. C’s hospitalizations became less and less frequent. Whenever her case manager from MHCC would visit, he noticed that Mrs C’s comfort continued to improve. He also observed that as the months went by, Judy and Mrs. C continued to grow closer; sharing a bond that continues to strengthen as Mrs. C requires more care.


Mrs. C has now remained out of the hospital for two months and was able to enjoy the summer weather by going outside with Judy whenever possible. She gleefully celebrated her 90th birthday on August 17, 2015 and continues to enjoy spending as much time as possible with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.