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Like so many of the elders Montachusett Home Care Corporation (MHCC) serves, Marilyn A. led an active, productive life for most of her 60 plus years. She felt good about what she did running a matching gift program at work, enjoying her love of photography and turning her photos into cards area gift shops were happy to sell, and never missing her all time favorite TV show, I Love Lucy. After losing most of her eyesight during the past year, she discovered that there were to be drastic changes in her life, and the once very independent woman she had been needed to depend on others for help.

Unable to drive to the grocery store, Marilyn A was delighted to learn that MHCC had a volunteer program where she could get help with food shopping.  She was even happier when she met Marilyn G, a MHCC volunteer. Both women immediately felt a bond with each other, have come to really enjoy each other’s company, and share a sense of humor.  Marilyn A. said of her volunteer, Marilyn G. is kind, sweet, loving, and the epitome of everything a volunteer should be. She means everything to me, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

As for volunteer Marilyn G, she emphatically states that Volunteering is so rewarding. Knowing that I am helping people makes me feel good about myself and puts a smile on my face. Volunteering is an unselfish act, and MHCC could not be more grateful to Marilyn G for her unselfish service.