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Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis

Bob Lewis has had a heart for service long before he signed on as a volunteer at Montachusett Home Care (MHCC) 20 years ago. Bob holds three degrees including a doctorate from MIT, worked for the army for thirty years, and held a leadership position at the Natick Laboratory Army Research, Development, and Engineering Center. Bob speaks proudly of his career and accomplishments and it’s clear his role as a MHCC Money Management volunteer gives him equal personal satisfaction.

Bob meets with his current consumer twice a month, helping him with paying bills and balancing his checkbook. Bob reports that his reason for volunteering can be summed up very simply, “Life has been good to me and I want to give back.”

Bob’s support of the agency goes beyond the individual clients he has supported along the way. He serves as a monitor for the Money Management Program by providing oversight of the accounts of six individuals to make sure their finances are handled efficiently and accurately by fellow volunteers. His role on the state advisory board for money management programs allows his expertise to impact elders services across the state as well as ensuring best practices are in place at Montachusett Home Care.

One other topic that makes Bob beam when he speaks is his marriage of 52 years to his wife, Carolyn. Together they partner as volunteers for the Montachusett Home Care Annual Golf Classic and have supported the event through a sponsorship. Bob places great importance on the word “dignity” in his work as a volunteer. He said “Dignity is to an elder what honor is to a soldier.” At MHCC we tip our hat to Bob and all volunteers who make a difference in our communities.