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Over 100 caregivers and staff from of our Adult Foster Care program took time to participate in an emergency preparedness training emergency preparednesscoordinated by Montachusett Home Care (MHCC). The course was provided by the Leominster Office of Emergency Management. Adult Foster Care caregivers and MHCC staff were able to select one of the three days during the first week of December to participate in the training.
Emergency Management Trainer, Jim LeBlanc, covered topics including caregiver safety, consumer safety, ice storms, snow storms and loss of electricity including communication sources when phone lines go down. Jim felt the training experience was very positive for the participants. When asked for his thoughts about the trainings he said, “They were an active group with lots of questions. It was clear to me that Montachusett Home Care had already completed important work on emergency preparedness with caregivers. They brought a great deal of information to the discussion. I found them to be a very engaged group and that is certainly one strong indicator that they really care for those they support. It meant a great deal to have so many seek me out after the training to let me know the time was very worthwhile.”