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IMG_3571On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, about 30 Montachusett Home Care (MHCC) staff and volunteers gathered at Barber’s Crossing North in Sterling, MA for a post-holiday celebration. There is much to celebrate when one considers all that is accomplished by our volunteer team. Chief Financial Officer, Lori Richardson, welcomed guests and noted that the total hours of volunteering amounted to $250,000 worth of service. Our volunteer team is 53 members strong, some with over 20 years of service.

While the roles of volunteers vary, they all share one thing for sure; a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. One volunteer commented, “I was asked the other day why I’m doing all this volunteer work at my age and that I should be taking care of myself.” The volunteer’s answer? “That is exactly what I am doing by volunteering.”  Plenty of research can be found on the benefits of volunteering and some of the benefits include giving one a sense of purpose, combatting stress, learning new skills and contributing to a longer life. Yes, volunteering helps you live longer!

Jan Daley, Chief Operating Officer for MHCC had the opportunity to speak with a number of the volunteers. Her conversation with Arthur resulted in her learning that he was a civil engineer prior to his retirement. Toward the end of his career, Arthur studied tax preparation with H&R Bock with the idea that he might work there part time. Instead he used those financial skills to support MHCC consumers. “It is wonderful to listen to the journeys that have lead these volunteers to MHCC. The people in the room represented incredible commitment, generosity and kindness. We are fortunate to have every one of them,” stated Jan. IMG_3570

Bob Cote and John Henshaw have been serving as Ombudsman for five years. Bob became involved after his wife needed nursing home care. John’s wife had worked at Montachusett Home Care when he started serving as a volunteer. Both gentlemen know that their visits to area nursing and rest homes provide a sense of support for the individuals who live there.

The long banquet table was full of smiles, great conversations and very warm hearts. We invite you to see some of the beautiful faces of our volunteer team and to read further about the impact they have in our communities. We offer a heart-felt thank to all MHCC volunteers. Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities? Call 978-537-7411 or e-mail volunteers @mhcc-1.org.


“The role of a long term care ombudsman can be very challenging as we try to resolve concerns at the facility level. For the past 18 years, I have been amazed by the level of commitment and selflessness our volunteers possess. There is no way we could make the 150-175 facility visits each month without this dedicated group of individuals. MHCC is very fortunate indeed.”  Geralyn Bailey, Long-term care Ombudsman Program DirectorFullSizeRender (008)

“Volunteers remind me of the inherent value of the Money Management Program. Critical help is provided, deep friendships form, and people are able to stay in their homes longer.  It is the passion, curiosity and dedication of the volunteers that inspires me to face challenges with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment. “ Elizabeth Updike, Money Management Volunteer Manager.

“We are extremely humbled by the dedication and commitment shown by our volunteers. The ombudsman program would have difficulty meeting its coverage demands if not for these wonderful, caring people. “Sheila Beane, Long-Term care Ombudsman Assistant Director

“Those volunteers who provide transportation to medical appointments provide a critical service. Without them, some of our elders would be hesitant to make a much-need appointment or might cancel the appointment if they are not confident about getting to the office. I continue to be in awe of the generosity of our volunteer team.” They make our work rewarding. Peggy Glowacki, Volunteer Administrator.

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