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Janice LeBlanc (standing) and Ruth Shepherd

Years ago there were few if any options available for adults who could no longer live on their own. Many times nursing homes placements were the only option. While nursing homes offer important services as part of our continuity of care, other living options are now available to adults which allow them to live comfortably and safely in the community. Adult foster care is one of them and a service we are very committed to supporting at Monthachusett Home Care (MHCC). The program currently has 80 individuals living in adult foster homes, some with family and many with non-family members. Thirteen of those individuals have been benefiting from the foster care program for more than 10 years.

Janice LeBlanc and her husband Gerry have been adult foster care caregivers for close to 20 years. Janice brings years of experience working with individuals with disabilities, a career she was very committed to prior to her retirement. While such extensive experience is not necessary to serve as a adult foster care family, it has helped Janice in providing the most supportive home environment possible for those in her care. Ruth Shepherd, who currently lives in the LeBlanc’s home,  is the 8th consumer who has enjoyed living with Janice and Gerry. The placement has allowed Ruth to enjoy community based living thus avoiding placement in a more restrictive setting. Janice reports that Ruth really enjoys joining her on errands and loves to shop, eat out, or see a movie. Gerry provides care for Charlie. At times they do things as a group of four and other times Gerry and Charlie do their own activity for the day.

Janice was asked to describe her experience serving as an MHCC Adult Foster Care caregiver, ” I have always been comfortable around people that may have a disability. I feel very blessed to be able to continue to support others, even in retirement. It’s rewarding – it feels good to know you are helping someone else.” Janice is very willing to sing the praises of our MHCC Adult Foster Care team. ” I have always receive great support from Montachusett Home Care. They are always there when I need them.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Montachusett Home Care Adult Foster Care Program please e-mail Susan Dempsey at sdempsey@mhcc-1.org