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(L) Karol Zub, Supportive Housing Coordinator, and Jennifer Murray, Chief Human Resource Officer

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, eight employees from Montachusett Home Care Corporation (MHCC) volunteered to serve a great meal to those in need at the Fellowship Table. The Fellowship Table is held at the First Congregational Church and is offered by the Gardner Community Action Committee.

Montachusett employees Christine Johnson and Karol Zub serve on the Board of Directors for the Gardner Community Action Committee. “I have been involved with the Fellowship Table for some time now. It was a great feeling to know that my agency was the financial sponsor for this meal and that employees from across the agency stepped up to lend a hand,” stated Christine Johnson, Director of Case Management at MHCC. While the average attendance is between 60 and 65 guests, the weather that evening resulted in attendance being a bit lower. The MHCC employees took the opportunity to serve the guests at their seats (waitress/waiter style) which is not typically how the meal is facilitated. Christine reported, “It was clear our team of volunteers enjoyed treating the guests like VIPs and all of us left the church feeling good about how we used our evening.”

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We extend a “hats off” to those who made sure the evening was a great success.