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Anchor Picture“Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm Come in, she said, I’ll give you shelter from the storm”   Bob Dylan

Jan Daley, Chief Operating Officer

Montachusett Home Care Corporation’s (MHCC) staff is dedicated to assisting elders and persons with disabilities in our 21 community region to live in safety, dignity and independence. Sometimes our consumers experience a metaphorical “storm” of circumstances that can leave them feeling unmoored and unable to connect with stabilizing interaction and resources. For these consumers, MHCC is pleased to announce the rollout of “ANCHOR,” the new Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA) program designed to provide (as the song goes) shelter from the storm.

ANCHOR (for Advocacy & Navigating Care in the Home with Ongoing Risks) allows our staff to provide a more time intensive, rigorous level of care management for those experiencing harrowing life challenges. The program is specifically designed to assist consumers who struggle with behavioral health issues, are at risk of institutionalization or homelessness, and/or those who have demonstrated an inability to accept or retain services. The program’s guidelines allow MHCC case managers to take the necessary time and resources to build rapport and relationships with individuals facing these substantial barriers, while navigating and securing community resources. Once enrolled, the goal is to offer a time limited (six to nine months) program ending with the client’s transfer from ANCHOR to ongoing home care services. If more time is needed, a request can be made to EOEA for an extension.

Referrals to the program can come from existing clients or outside sources. Existing clients who are appropriate for the program will continue to work with MHCC staff who have already made progress in establishing and building a helping relationship with them. New referrals to ANCHOR will be assigned to staff with the available time and expertise to make the extra effort to reach out.

“The ANCHOR program offers our team a great opportunity to connect with those consumers who are at greatest need of services, and the flexibility to take our time building rapport with individuals who may not engage easily,” notes Christine Johnson, Director of State Home Care. “Imagine, for example, an elder who experiences depression and as a result has had multiple hospitalizations, but has been resistant to accepting services in our past efforts to engage them. That elder might have difficulty establishing trust and rapport with a worker right away, but with ANCHOR’s provision for repeated outreach, we can really persist in offering the steady, patient, human contact needed to win them over.”

If you would like to refer someone to the ANCHOR program, please call MHCC’s main phone line at 978-537-7411 and ask for Information and Referral. The I&R team will take your information and have a knowledgeable team member contact you.