Money Management Program

My diabetic retinopathy was robbing me of my vision. Living alone, and unable to see, I needed help writing my checks, reading bills, and reviewing my bank statements. Operating within a tight budget, I couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

The Money Management Program introduced me to Katherine, a retired bookkeeper, who is a trained, insured volunteer bill payer. Each month Katherine visits me to pay my bills and review expenses. While paying routine bills, we forged a friendship that is strong. Because of my bill payer volunteer, I no longer worry about my money. Katherine have been paying bills for 3 years now.”


Paying bills accurately and on time is an essential part of living independently. The Money Management Program offers two types of bill paying services to people 60 years and older as well as individuals living with a disability. This program is helpful for people with impaired vision, difficulty writing, limited mobility, memory loss or confusion, as well as those who struggle with mental health issues that get in the way of routine bill paying.

This program is partially funded by the Central Massachusetts Area Agency on Aging and United Way of North Central Massachusetts.


Bill Payer service is designed for those who need coaching or cueing to pay their own bills. The Bill Payer Service carefully matches a screened, trained, and insured volunteer to an individual who needs bill-paying assistance. Volunteers visit clients monthly and at the discretion of the client, sort mail, write checks for the client’s signature, balance checkbooks, reconcile bank statements and create a budget with the client.

Representative Payee service provides a higher level of support to individuals who are no longer able to manage their own finances. With a physician’s consent, MHCC’s trained staff manage the Social Security benefits of an individual. Acting in the best interest of the beneficiary, we ensure all essential household bills are paid in a timely manner.


The individual requiring assistance must:

  • Be 60 or older or a younger adult with a disability
  • Be at risk of losing independence because of financial challenges
  • Live in North Central Massachusetts


If you are interested in our Money Management Program, fill out the form below and MHCC will be in touch.

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